Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Laurel's Long Traffic Nightmare is Almost Over

Citizens of Laurel, it is time to celebrate. The often delayed, incredibly frustrating, Route 1 Southbound construction project is almost over.

Tonight I heard the rumble of heavy equipment out on Washington Blvd, better known as Rt 1 South. After a short walk from the house I saw the blacktop crew laying down a fresh layer of an automobile's best friend, smooth and steamy blacktop.

The picture above is a Google Earth image showing the long suffering project extending from the Patuxent River to Laurel Ave. Click on the image to enlarge. (Google Earth is a free application; see http://earth.google.com/ for more details.)

This construction project is being managed by the State Highway Department. The next big project in Laurel from our friends at SHA will be the deck replacement of the Northbound bridge. This will require shutting down one lane. Trips to Howard County via Rt 1 will be tough for a few months

Laurel is getting better and better!