Thursday, July 10, 2008

School Board Questioned

‘‘This is like building a garage on your house when your kitchen and bathroom are falling apart,” state Sen. C. Anthony Muse (D-Dist. 26) of Fort Washington said of the decision to delay funding on proposed high schools.

The Gazette has a story detailing concerns from some county leaders regarding the recent vote of the Prince Georges County Board of Education's to lease a new administration building. Even the Superintendent questioned their actions. The Gazette story continues ...

"The decision, which went against recommendations from Superintendent John E. Deasy, came one day after the county announced it was facing a $48 million shortfall in funding that would cause widespread cutbacks."

I wonder what in the world is really going on for the Board to be willing to take so much political grief about this building lease? They have not offered much of a defense for their action. There simply must be more to this story. The story we are getting just does not make sense.