Sunday, October 30, 2005

Look Up - It's a bird, It's a plane, Nope, It's competition!

See that? Look closely. It's right up there on that telephone pole at the corner of Montgomery and 4th. Do you know what it is?

It's competition.

That's exactly what good old American competition looks like. That mess of wires on the pole are the best indicator that COMCAST's reign of terror and torture in Laurel will soon be over. That is what competition looks like on the information super highway.

Here's what COMCAST's competition looks like up close.

I'm sure most of Oldtown Laurel has seen the Verizon trucks all over our neighborhood the last few weeks.

Verizon is pulling fiber all over Oldtown. We have it on every pole. Black strands of thick beautiful cable that can carry telephone, internet, television, audio and anything else these information age wizards can dream up to charge us $50 bucks a month for.

But I think the best thing that will happen is that the spawn of the devil, COMCAST, will finally have some decent competition in Laurel.

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cherish said...

You should live on the Eastern Shore we long for Comcast. Our cable is Atlantic Broadband and it SUCKS.. It has been Falcon Cable, Charter Communications and now Atlantic and it all sucks. We have Verizon DSL which is okay. We longed for Comcast to come over here, I guess maybe we should be happy they did not?