Tuesday, February 07, 2006


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A mugger jumps off of a speeding bicycle and brutally attacks a woman walking down Main Street before running off with her purse.

Crime is everywhere, but I guess here in Laurel, we need to import it. This crime scene is supposed to be in Boston, not Laurel and there is a full blown television crew and a dozen of Laurel's finest watching. What is going on?

According to the City of Laurel Press Release:

"America's Most Wanted (AMW) is filming in the Cityof Laurel on this week. Specific Laurel sites were chosen because they look like crime scenes from other places. More filming will occur on Main Streetin front of Oliver's Town Tavern, and on Post Office Avenue, Fetty Alley, and Laurel Avenue. Mayor Moe noted that scenes will also be filmed inside of Oliver's. MayorMoe shared that the home of former Laurel City Councilmember Eddie Ricks was also chosen for filming. "

[Eddie's place looks like a crime scene? I thought my place was a wreck!]

"Four different crimes will be re-enacted. Firearms will be used in at least two of the reenactments. Real ammunition will not be used. Mayor Moe wants the public to know that the production company, CooperProductions, has worked very closely with the City of Laurel and has obtained all required permits. Mayor Moe also advised that Cooper Productions has requested assistance from the Laurel Police Department and from PublicWorks. Both departments will assist with road and sidewalk closure. The Police Department will also monitor firearm use. "

"Mayor Moe said the public may watch the filming from a safe distance. Interruptions to daily routines are expected to be minimal. Mayor Moe said he was pleased to have Laurel chosen as a site for filming."

"Anticipating that this will go well, Mayor Moe said he looked forward to other television and movie filming occurring in Laurel in the future. Mayor Moe noted that at least one of the re-enactments will be shown on America's Most Wanted, on Saturday, February 11, 2006."

[Bad Boy, bad boy. What ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?]

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