Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Blogs of Note

If you've been visiting our pages for awhile you'll already know that I'm enthusiastic about using technology to grow strong connections in our community. We may have lost our porch sitting and bowling league habits over the last few decades. However, new technologies like blogs, wiki's, Flickr, podcasts and YouTube are fantastic community connecting tools.

Laurel City launched a new blog this week called Laurel Straight Up. Mayor Moe, City Administrator Kristie Mills and the Mayor's Special Assistant LouAnn Crook explain in their inaugural post that, "As we take better advantage of the technology that is available to us, we are moving forward to bring your local government closer to you and readily accessible."

This city blog is more than a billboard because it permits and encourages comments. The best blogs create opportunities for community conversation. Bravo to the city for initiating this groundbreaking service.

I also discovered this week that the First Baptist Church of Laurel is blogging. I hope that all of Laurel's faith communities will soon leverage the power of connection technologies. Beyond preaching to their own choir, blogs provide another way for churches, schools and service organizations to reach into the broader community. We need to take the Internet back from the money changers and put it to work connecting us closer together.

First daughter MB writes a "blahg" that is getting a bit of notice recently called Irregular Hours. MB has been interning at WFUV radio in the Bronx and she recently posted a radio essay on the art of Improv comedy called Follow the Fear. I think it's time for her old man to retire his keyboard and let a much more talented generation carry on.

Speaking of a seriously talented teenagers, William M. is still blogging almost about our local weather over at Maryland Weather Observation. He correctly nailed the forecast for last week's failed snow event. Although it was obvious that he was disappointed, this 10th grader was way out in front of the professionals by saying that the snow would be a no show.

I'm always looking for new local content. Please send me your favorite websites, blogs, Flickr photos, podcasts, or YouTube videos that have Laurel content or local connections. Links only please to g.rick.wilson at gmail dot com.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading, rick

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