Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Best Donuts in Laurel

I've never been in law enforcement but I do like a donut now and then. The Little Tavern Donut shop at 115 Washington Blvd has the best donuts I've ever eaten.

The owners don't just truck in bakery donuts from some faraway sugar factory. These donuts are made fresh everyday by hand.

My sins are the glazed donuts. They are soft as a cloud with a just the right amount of glaze.

The whole town is talking about these donuts. The coffee is good too. I'm happy to see the Little Tavern back in operation.


distractme said...

Agreed. I stopped in the first day they opened, and was pleased to see an original staff member helping reproduce the li'l burgers. The flavor was *slightly* different owing to different brands of cheese, mustard, and pickles, but they were close enough to satisfy that sliders craving. The only bummer is not being able to get them at 2 a.m. any more.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I had a bad experience with the new donut shop. I got the glazed blueberry donuts, when I bit into them they were still doughy (raw) in the middle. And they didn't have my favorite kind the vanilla cream filled.

Maybe I was just there too early in the operation, I'd be glad to give them another shot since it's walking distance from my house.

Anonymous said...

I've been there several times now, and it keeps getting better. They have two kinds of coffee plus decaf, and the donuts in the display case looked great. So far I've tried 3 varieties of donuts, all great!
Ken Skrivseth