Thursday, July 03, 2008

Giant Food Store in Laurel to Close

Garold Stone, over at the South Laurel News and Views Blog has the story.


Garold Stone said...

Thanks for the nod to my post. there was a glitch in the posted link to my site so Here's the correct link to my post aout South Laurel's Giant Food store closing soon. If and when i learn more i'll update that post.

The question becomes what are people supposed to do who for years have walked to that Giant for their groceries, but other grocery stores (Bottom Dollar, etc) are too far for them to walk to, including many Seniors at Park View across Rt. 197 from the Giant,and many people who live in nearby apartments.
garold stone

Keith said...

The Leader now has details:

Very, very strange. I haven't been in that Giant in a long time. Noticed the signs of renovation several years ago, I just assumed they'd been completed. Always thought it weird that we had two of 'em so close together. At the same time, hard to imagine that all the nearby homes can't support a grocery store.

I second the hope that it won't "become a boarded-up eyesore." Oughta be a law forcing you to tear down and grass over anything that isn't sold reasonably soon.