Saturday, October 18, 2008

Laurel Commons

The Laurel Commons redevelopers provided me with a few interesting drawings that show how the property will look when completed. See the Leader's recent story.

The TIF issue is still not resolved. The County does not appear to support a TIF. Either the County Executive or our local County Council Member, Mr. Tom Dernoga, must sponsor the legislation and neither has done so at this time.

The lack of County support for a TIF will make the City Council's support politically difficult. I don't hear a lot of support for a city-sponsored TIF from my Oldtown neighbors.

Please click on any graphic below for a larger image.

My thanks to Ms. Calista Black, Marketing Manager, Laurel Commons, General Growth Properties, Inc.

Hopefully the architects will soon provide their own web page with better graphics. These drawings are really worth seeing in high resolution.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures, but at this point, I'd be very surprised if it ever happened. GGP lost 36% of its value today alone....

Anonymous said...

you need to make the pictures bigger and clearer so we can actually see wat the words say!

Rick Wilson said...

Just click on a picture and you will see at the best resolution I have.

Anonymous said...

by the time this is done all this mall will have is a bunch of dollar stores