Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thanks for your email. However, I'm sorry to inform you that Rick Wilson is spiritually dead. He died recently from latent implementation atrophy (LIA). In layman's terms, he died from generating too many ideas without ever DOING any of them.

A rare type of extremely painful psychic constipation, LIA is known to afflict bureaucrats and other mentally sedentary people.

All of his email messages are being forwarded to his kingdom-come email account. He may occasionally be reading email on an after_life Blackberry in purgatory.

By the way, he wanted everyone to know that exactly 2.3 x 10^8 angels can dance on the head of a pin: But they can only comfortably slow dance.

His purgatory-mandated "angel on a pin" counting sessions are continuing for the other dance categories; foxtrot, swing, lindy, salsa,...


Rick's Professional Soul Tender


Bets said...

Rare? That condition is considered rare?

Enjoy the afterlife.

Mary Wilson said...

Funny. Now, onward to G20:

"...the purpose of this summit, like all such summits, is not really discussion. It is politics."


Bill K said...

Where can I send flowers?

Anonymous said...

hmm... Hello to Rick's Professional Soul Tender. How's he doing? Maybe some quick swipes of a collie pup's tongue might have some revival properties? If not, then, perhaps we can sneak in a cute black labrador in for some soul restoration?

:-) ...respectfully. woof!?!?

Anonymous said...

time to come out of retirement old man! Laurel needs your voice :-)