Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Calm Between the Storms

Cody and I are taking a break today.  Here we are at the Laurel Connections Crisis Operations Center, i.e., the LCCOC.  We are getting a bit of much needed rest between these historic and breathless snow storms.

Dogs and bloggers both need their rest after five days of tweeting, face booking, TV watching, emailing, non-stop eating, web surfing, aimless walking, photographing, general and specific malingering and the occasional nip of medicinal hooch.

Cody is keeping watch for she-who-must-be-obeyed (SWMBO).  If we sleep too soundly, SWMBO gets all excited and assumes that we kicked the bucket.  Cody's job is to make sure SWMBO doesn't haul us outside for special pick-up.  The DPW guys are much too busy clearing the streets to drag our large carcass away to the landfill.

We've also been adding new pictures to our LCCOC storm-of-the-century slide show.   

On an serious note, Council President Gayle Snyder emailed us this morning saying that Richard Kluckhuhn is concerned that his famous Christmas Tree may have been severely damaged by the February 6 storm. The Kluckhuhn family has brightened Laurel's Christmases for at least two generations with the lighted tree.  This picture shows some of the damage.  Let's hope that the tree can be saved for future generations.


Andrew said...

That tree :(

kristie said...

are you calling your wife a "Swimbo"?

watch it Mr.!

Rick Wilson said...

A SWMBO is a term of endearment. Honestly, it is.

Carol D said...

Please - not THE tree. Say it isn't so!!! Maybe Mayor Moe will declare that a snow emergency and use some money to save it.

Love the photos and the updates, Rick!

Rick Wilson said...

No matter what happens, we should take up a collection for the Kluckhuhn tree. My family has enjoyed that tree since we moved here. It simply would not be Christmas without it.

William M. said...

That's a great post! That made me laugh! It is so true...us bloggers need our rest!