Monday, March 01, 2010

Where to Buy the Best Sandwich in Laurel?

A good sandwich is hard to find.  A great sandwich is the world's best comfort food.  It cures what ails you.  A sandwich can take you back to your youth.  Or remind you of sharing a special sandwich on your first date.  Your circumstances may be different but all of us have strong food memories.

This brings us to today's Laurel Connection's poll.

Where do you buy your absolute favorite sandwich in Laurel?

Here are the sandwich shootout guidelines:
  1. Tell us where to buy it - Unless you want a bunch of hungry people camped outside your grandmother's house demanding a grilled cheese with tomato and bacon...your favorite sandwich must be available from a commercial food establishment near Laurel.
  2. Tell us how to buy it - Be specific.  Tell us about your sandwich in loving detail.  Help us to really taste it.  Write it like you would see it on the menu or as described in a food column. Help us to order it and fix it just like you eat it.  For example, "A steak sub on a lightly toasted Italian hoagie roll with grilled onions and two slices of smokey provolone cheese, gobs of real mayo, lots of dill pickles, shredded crisp romaine and  a generous helping of hot pepper relish."
  3. The source of your sandwich should be in general vicinity of Laurel.  We can be a bit flexible, but make sure it's within 10 miles or so.  Nobody wants to drive too far for comfort food.
  4. Last but not least, tell us why the sandwich is so special you?  When did you have it the first time?  First date?  First time driving the family car alone after you got your driver's license? After a big game or a big promotion?  A sandwich you ate late at night after the birth of your first child?
That's it. You can share your favorite sandwich in the comments section below or simply click here.  Or send it to me via email (g dot rick dot wilson at gmail dot com).  And I'll add it to the Laurel Sandwich Shootout Menu for you.

Thanks for sharing,   rick


Anonymous said...

My favorite was the roast beef sandwich at the old Tastee Freeze on route 1 southbound.

It was simple. Slow roasted beef on a bun with a little horseradish and sweet barbecue sauce. Side of slaw. And a big vanilla shake to wash it down.

I used to go over to the Tastee Freeze to treat myself after cleaning my apartment on Saturdays.

Karen L. said...

The best sandwich in Laurel, hands down, is the chicken salad sandwich on toast at Linny's Deli on Main Street. Linny's chicken salad is mouth-satisfying big chunks of real chicken in a mayo-something with lettuce and tomato. Simple, scrumptious and always a treat. Other chicken salads are just mushed up pieces of some poultry!

Bruce F. said...

There are many good restaurants in Laurel where you can get a pretty good sandwich. Most of them are overpriced and inconsistent in quality. However, if you are in a hurry, and you want a sandwich that is $1.00, even drive-through, fresh, and consistently tasty and hot, then the McDonalds Restaurant on All Saints Road across from the Weiss grocery is the place to go anytime. From their dollar menu, you can choose burgers or fish. The fish sandwich with a bit of cheese is actually larger and tastier and juicer and crisper than the $5 sandwich you get at Chick Filet. And those little sandwiches have been the same since 1955 from the McDonalds menu -- that's why they are still around, thank god. Are they too small for you? Then buy two or three of them! What a bargain. By the way, I've never worked at a McDonalds, either. I just know what I like. Thank you, Ray Kroc, for making this wonderful worldwide speedee diner.

Joe M. said...

Ditto to what Karen L. said. I only add that choosing a kaiser roll as the bread completes the experience.

Jhanna said...

Alright Rick, I've narrowed it down to 3 (unless you count the roast beef at Tastee Freeze-but that is sadly long gone).
#1: A rare roast beef with white american cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on rye from The Laurel Meat Market. They pile it high, cook the roast beef just enough and charge very little for this mountainous sandwich.
#2: The spinach wrap from Linny's. Yummy spinach, bacon and cheese wrapped up in a delicious flatbread. Also priced right and served high. Add hot sauce to this one!!!
and #3: The bulgogi sub from Shane's. Yes, I know what you are thinking....but it's incredible. Excellently spiced bulgogi (Korean BBQ) served on a sub roll. The combo of sauce and sliced beef with a bit on green onion on a toasted sub roll is a flavor you will find yourself standing at the counter at Shane's for, time and time again. By the way, cash only at Shane's. Good to know before it's an awkward moment :)

Anonymous said...

the philly cheese steak at TAMPICO! even rivals philly! and with those crispy crunchy fries dipped in their home made salsa.... mmmmmm yummy!

Kim said...

Jack swears by the Tuna Melt at the silver diner. I'd never eat such a thing, but he gets it every time.

I'd also suggest the Red Hot & Blue Pulled Pork sandwich.

Rick Wilson said...

From Gayle Snyder:

I have never gotten past the Mighty Mo sandwich in Queens Chapel. Hot Shoppes had a restaurant there where you pulled up and talked into the speaker and your order would be brought out and put on a tray attached to your car window. It was to die for. We would pile in a car and drive down on a Friday night, Saturday night or a Sunday evening to get a Mighty Mo and the best onion rings and a coke. The Mighty Mo had 3 layers and the best sauce dripping down your arms as you tried to get it all in your mouth. I have never forgotten them.

But now, the best sandwich in Laurel can be found at Pi’s on Sandy Spring Road. And of course, no hamburger in the world can compare to Seibel’s although that is in Burtonsville.