Thursday, October 27, 2011

Actual Email to Laurel's Public Works Department

Dear Laurel Department of Public Works:

I have a 27 inch television that has finally died.  None too soon if you ask me, because now I can finally buy a big screen, 1080p, HD, LED, TV that I've wanted for so many years but my wife, she-who-must-be-obeyed, would never allow me to buy as long as our ancient TV kept working.  

Now, as happy as I am about the long-awaited demise of my old TV, you can see that I'm in need of your wonderful bulk pick up services. 

I do realize that there will be a small fee, that I'm more than willing to pay, given that I've been waiting for this old thing to die for years.  My old TV that is, not my wife.  Although, how much do you charge to, ....?  Just kidding about the wife.

All joking aside, I would appreciate a bulk pick up of my old TV at your earliest convenience.  Laurel's Public Works Department is the best!


G. Rick Wilson
Laurel Ave

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