Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lost Laurel

Check out this website called Lost Laurel.  The writer says he is, "a graphic designer currently obsessed with documenting the history of the modest neighborhood where I lived from 1978 to 1987, Steward Manor Apartments. As an ancillary project, I’ve started Lost Laurel as a way of also documenting and sharing the numerous stores, restaurants, and other businesses of Laurel past.

Hat Tip to Andy Hoglund.

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Anonymous said...

Rick - Kudos to you and Andy for bring up Laurel Lost. However, due to his age, Andy doesn't remember the the Horn and Horn, where my wife breifly worked when we moved back to Laurel in the
80's, was originally the Hot Shoppes Cafe. Similar to H&H, it offered a more "country" (for lack of a better term) fair with some of the best mass-produced cornbread around. I'm sorry, but neither the Old COuntry Buffetnor the myriad of Chinese/American buffets in the area can tounh these lost treasures. Bob