Saturday, April 01, 2006

Citizens Bank Vault Cracked in Laurel

Safe crackers use 10 ton, self-propelled jackhammer on vault.

The vault fought off the jackhammer for a good long time. I opened an account at this bank at the Laurel Shopping Center during my first week in Laurel almost 26 years ago. It is good to see how secure my money was all these years.

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Carreen said...

I had no idea that they were tearing down the bank until I was driving up Route 1 and suddenly saw sky! I was like what in the heck is missing here and it hit me as I got closer, the Citizens is gone. I had a sad feeling because like Rick, that was my first account about 30 odd years ago. I was about 5 years old and remember the awe I felt walking out of that bank with a bank book in my hand showing that I had $5 in a savings account...Oh well thanks Rick for capturing the demolition on film. Keep up the great work of informing Laurelites of what's happening in their fine city!

Rick Wilson said...

Thanks Carreen.

Dan said...

And guess what they're putting in its place? Another Chevy Chase Bank, just what everyone needs!!! Not that there isn't one a half mile in one direction (across from the Best Buy), and another one about to open a half mile in the other direction (in the new Shoppers shopping center).

Rick Wilson said...

I can't figure out the bumper crop of banks either, Dan. Professor Karl Brendle, Laurel City's very experienced Development Director told me that new banks are a leading positive indicator for redevelopment. I guess it means that new money is coming to town. We must be in for a long bout of new money based on the banks that are springing up.