Monday, April 03, 2006

You Know You Are A Laurelite If ...

Back in 2003 I sent an email to the MainstreetAlert list about how to tell if you are a real Laurelite. My original message went on to generate the largest response we've ever had on the Main Street List.

The Laurel Leader picked up the story and ran it for three more weeks (9/25/03, 10/09/03) that generated a few more lists as letters to the editor (9/25/03, 10/02/03, 10/23/03).

Please add your own new ones in the comments section of this post.
Here is how that original message was posted on 9/18/2003:

Friends, Neighbors, & Laurelites:

I think it is time we had a good "You know you area Laurelite if ... " list. Unfortunately, I've only lived in Laurel 23 years and not the required 3 generations, so I still can't get an official Laurel ID card. But my unofficial status aside, Ioffer a few ideas to get started. I know you all can do so much better so I thought I would ask you to contribute.

  • You know you are a Laurelite if ...
  • You don't think the names "Robison" or "Marton"are spelled wrong.
  • You don't read the paper. You go to the coffeeshop for real news.
  • Bart's is the only barbershop that has ever cut your hair.
  • You can remember shopping at the old Hechts and eating at Horn & Horn after.
  • You know that the "Meat Market" is not a singles bar.
  • You use Fourth Street to avoid the traffic at Christmastime.
  • You took your first date to the drive-in movies behind Dunkin Donuts.
  • You remember when there was only one Laurel Lake and it was not muddy.
  • Your political party is not listed as DEM or REP but LVFD or LVRS.
  • You bought your hardware from a Cook, your meat from a Miles and your cars from Fred.
  • You still call it Tippy's.

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