Friday, August 11, 2006

Main Street Gets Re-Treed

Nope, the Farmer's Market has not turned into a plant nursery. These trees are part of Laurel City's Main Street rebuild project. The project started with the new brick sidewalk, new street lights and now many of the existing trees are being replaced because of disease or because they have gotten too large for their planters.

Mike Lhotsky, Laurel's Director of Parks and Recreation told me yesterday that there will be 70 trees planted. Four city-friendly species have been selected, Southern Wax Myrtle, Sargent Cherry, Paperbark Maple and Zelcova.

The Southern Wax Myrtle's will be planted in ten of these big containers. The containers will be placed along Main Street. This one is located caddy-corner from Billy Miles Meat Market.

All of the redevelopment and rebuilding of Main Street shows how vibrant Laurel is becoming. I'm excited and pleased to see it. Mega-Kudos to the Mayor and City Council and to the Public Works and Parks Departments.



Anonymous said...

Seems like a strange time of year to be planting large expensive trees. I sure hope that the expense of this "beautification" project doesn't double because the trees die in the August heat. Seems to me that there could have possibly been a better time to plant and maybe a better use of all that money to replace perfectly good sidewalks and trees.

I'm sure that there are a few buildings in the city that could use more than just beautification.

Rick Wilson said...

This website says that you can plant burlapped balled trees any time of the year.
I think the challenge will be making sure that the tender transplants get the appropriate watering.