Monday, August 14, 2006

Point - Counterpoint

There is a well mannered but otherwise very interesting discussion about voting records, campaign signs, politicians and habeas corpus in the comments section of the previous post on campaign signs.

This is exactly the kind of discussions that community blogs like Laurel Connections were created to encourage.

It looks like we have the attention of our most wired and digitally-enlightened elected officials such as Laurel Councilman and 21st District candidate Mike Sarich and Prince George's County Council President Tom Dernoga.

While they may disagree with each other, their discussion is both courageous and informative. It takes significant courage and skill to engage in this new kind of public blog forum and the electorate is much better prepared because of their efforts.

Now that we have them engaged, please read and add your opinions, comments and questions to the discussion here.

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Anonymous said...

I did not know where to put this and did not want to get in the middle of the Mike S. and the Anonymous users battle of words/wits. I like that some of the candidates have web pages and blogs and would like to encourage future politicians to use this. It allows me to check them out at my free time.