Saturday, December 02, 2006

We Gotta Eat, Right?

Joanne and I have a thoroughly modern American marriage. This means that we share all of the tedious household duties. For example, we take turns cooking. When it's Joanne's turn to cook, she prepares nutritional, tasty and multi-course dinners.
Of course, when it's my turn to cook, I turn to one of the dozens of fine dining establishments in the Laurel area.
It's not like I'm picky about eating, as anyone who has met me knows immediately. I love to eat. I'll eat almost anything, (except possibly scrapple). I'm happy going to Tippy's for chili con queso, Red, Hot and Blue for a pulled pig sandwich or Tastee Freez for a Country Burger with fries and a shake. You can find me and my neighbor Eric at the Tastee Diner eating breakfast on most Saturday mornings.
We have so many choices in Laurel, it's hard to pick a restaurant. I thought it would be useful to offer a quick survey for you to vote for yours.
Help a guy out, It's my turn to cook on Monday and I'm looking for a new menu.
Please take a minute and let us know where to find you when it's your turn to "cook." I'll post the results to the blog.
To take the Laurel Connections restaurant survey, visit . SURVEY CLOSED 12/8/2006
Table cloths or paper plates, please visit the comments section to post a review of your favorite spot in Laurel.


Anonymous said...

we love pasta nostro. It is great for a family. We call ahead a pizza for the kids before we leave the house. We walk in order our food and pizza and get our drinks and the pizza is already on the table with the kids. It has gotten more crowded there since our friends all go there too. But it give pasta plus hard competition with casual atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried the Scout staple of foil dinners? There's nothing like a hot meal off the coals on a cool night before slipping into that sleeping bag. Easy to make and eaisier to clean up. Boys in the woods style!

Anonymous said...

Tapico Grill is a winner for Texmex food. Everything is freshly made and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant is also family run which is nice. Located on Route 1 across from Fred Frederick's dealership.