Tuesday, August 07, 2007

102 Posts

The Laurel Connections Blog was born 102 posts ago on February 13th, 2005. A bit of a landmark for me so I wanted to take a brief moment to thank all of you loyal readers. Your continuing visits here and your comments to me privately and publicly on the blog have made this little experiment in citizen journalism satisfying for me and I hope useful for you.

Since that first post in 2005, this blog has hosted over 11,746 visitors and 21,521 page views. My goal has been and remains to find post topics that are relevant to Laurel and that help make an already wonderful community just a tiny bit better. I also hope that you have found a little value and maybe a smile or two over the past 30 months.

I intend to continue the experiment. I hope to add new voices and guest bloggers. I'll also be adding more podcasts and introducing video and real-time interactive call-in technology to the blog in the future. See the neat new poll gadget that Blogger just introduced on the left column of this page. Internet production and delivery has matured so fast that I can't help but mix multimedia with citizen journalism just to see what happens.

Please let me know what works, what doesn't and what you would like to see, hear or read here the future. Please use the comments section or email to me: g dot rick dot wilson at gmail dot com. You'll need to replace the"dot" and "at" with "." and "@" and then moosh it all together.
Thanks again for visiting. - rick


mary beth wilson said...

What this blog needs is some celebrity gossip. Lindsay Lohan rumors always generate comments. Or, if you'd like to keep it local, you can cover all the Laurel personalities stumbling in and out of rehab.

Just sayin'.

personal assistant said...

Mary Beth Wilson apologizes for her insensitive comments. She did not mean to imply that many Laurel residents have substance abuse problems. Mary Beth Wilson is a strong supporter of rehabilitation institutions and cannot wait to revisit one herself.

Personal Assistant to Mary Beth Wilson
Mary Beth Wilson Industries, Ltd.
Burbank, CA