Sunday, August 12, 2007

Six Things

Six things I'm thinking about on a relaxing Sunday evening stroll.

1. The great new street lamps have now been installed on the west end of Main Street from 4th to 7th. The picture on the right is near the Red, Hot and Blue Restaurant. I heard that Public Works Department is almost ready to turn them on. I suggest we do it right and have a lamp lighting celebration.

2. We need an honest to goodness bakery on Main Street. Artisan breads, fresh hard rolls, and sticky cinnamon buns are my favorites. I'd easily spend $20 dollars a week!

3. I hope you are following the comments section to the recent post about Laurel's Urban or Suburban Future. Bryon and Keith are sharing some thought provoking thoughts.

4. I hope you took a minute to vote in the poll on the left. It looks like Bethesda is tied with Mayberry as the preferred look for Laurel's future.

5. There are dark, budget busting clouds over Annapolis. The Mayor and City Council were wise to beef up Laurel's infrastructure during the last few years. I have a hunch that the budget salad days will soon be over for any state or county funding.

6. Speaking of salad ... I think it is time for a year-round, fresh produce business on Main Street that is open in the evenings and weekends. The Farmer's Market is good, but we need a business that caters to people that work during the day. Maybe the produce stand out on Gunpowder Road is looking for a new home. The thousands of young, wealthy, upwardly mobile, residents moving into all our new luxury apartment buildings will certainly want fresh fruits and vegetables. (and fresh bread too!)


Jackie Olsson said...

And would someone PLEASE open an ice cream shoppe? PLEASE?! This 7.5 month pregnant Old Town resident would love one in walking distance. We used to walk down 4th Street to the Tastee Freeze, but a nice shop on Main Street would be perfect. (We prefer to avoid the busier traffic on 4th Street south of 198, and one in the heart of Old Town would be amazing). The store could be an ice cream shop/bakery so the business would continue in the winter months. I can definitely promise at least one trip per week. :)

Anonymous said...

Would love to have a street lamp lighting evening!!

Anonymous said...

I say let's have an impromtu old fashion outside music concert with some old fashion ice cream, light our steet light and sit and listen to some local music (like mike, jerry and Bobbie). May be we could do it on the farmers market land so we can have some shelter in case of a summer thunder storm!! karen schembar

Anonymous said...

I vote for a bakery/ice cream shoppe. I thought Something special was going to put ice cream in. karen schembari