Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Stroll in Riverfront Park

This is the little steel foot bridge fifty yards east of the Avondale Mill site in Riverfront Park. Its metal surfaces have rusted to match February's colors.

We bought a new digital camera. It has more buttons than I can possibly learn to use in a year. So if you see me walking along trying to read a manual and squinting at a camera, you'll know that I'm trying to learn a few more buttons this weekend.

Do you have any interesting pictures of people, places or incidents in or near Laurel? I'd be happy to link to them. Please contact me via g dot rick dot wilson at gmail dot com.

N.B. (You can click here for a much larger image. )


Rick Goddard said...

Rick, That's a beautiful picture. I made it my desktop wallpaper.

Rick Wilson said...

Why thank you Rick. I'm happy to hear that. Now I gotta go figure out the rest of those buttons.

Rick Goddard said...

Keep pushing them at random. Something is bound to happen!

I won't even suggest reading the directions :) That's heresy for technical types.