Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Tunu Made Me Do It

Have you ever had one of these magical evenings at a new restaurant?

It's a chilly, rainy evening. You're weary of the familiar neighborhood spots. So you decide to try a totally new place that's still close to home. When you arrive you're treated like a favorite regular, shown to a warm table and then served one of the best meals of your life. After finishing off the last of the wine, you sit back totally satisfied and wonder why it took you so long to try this place.

Last night Joanne and I had this kind of magical experience at the Trapeze restaurant in Fulton, Maryland. Although we've been talking about the Trapeze since it opened, we had not yet made the 5 mile trek out rt 216 to the Maple Lawn area. We also had the chance to catch up with a old Laurel friend. But first to the food.

We started with jumbo shrimp, served unusually in a bread cup and drizzled with a lightly spiced, garlic butter sauce. Joanne's main event was the fried monkfish with a balsamic reduction. I had the pepper crusted Ahi Tuna, seared perfectly to medium rare. The sushi grade tuna was paired exquisitely with a delicate wasabi sauce that did not overpower the tuna. A fruity Pinot Grigio was the perfect accompaniment to the shrimp, our fish and our mood.

We also had the chance to catch up with Mark Steckbeck, Trapeze's Director of Operations. Mark, originally from Laurel, is an old friend who we had not seen in years. Mark has been a leader in the fine dining industry for a long time and is associated with the Trapeze and its sister restaurants, Nottinghams in Columbia and the Bluestone in Timonium. We enjoyed reconnecting with Mark and learning about the Trapeze.

Tired of the same old, same old? Looking for reasonably priced but fine food in a casual setting not far from home? Please do yourself a favor and try the Trapeze. Please say hello to Mark, and be prepared for a warm, filling and memorable evening out.

N.B. Be sure to check out the Trapeze website. They have a clever video called "Fish Tales."


Gayle said...

Rick, Trapeze is a favorite for lunch by Johns Hopkins. It's right out our front door. Also, Betty Compton and I meet there often for lunch. The salads are wonderful. APL loves their happy hour. It's a great place. Barbara Frush, Donna Crary and I also really enjoy it. Glad you finally got off that couch and took Joanne out to dinner! Hope to see you there soon.

Anonymous said...

We stopped in there last night too, just to check out the menu...we were on our way to the tapas restaurant across the street (name escapes me right now). Also an EXCELLENT culinary experience. We'll have to try Trapeze next!
--Sue Z

Anonymous said...

Right across from Trapeze, Oz is very good, as well. Two good additions to the burbs.

Rick Wilson said...

Gayle: You are quite mistaken. You know that I sit on the Lazy-Boy recliner--and not the couch. The recliner fits me perfectly. Joanne demanded that I take her to dinner last night. You know how she gets when she's hungry. But I had a good time in spite of the bump she put on my head. I really need to get a smaller TV remote ....

Anonymous said...

I think Laurel has found its restaurant critic.

Many years ago, after a nice meal with friends at a restaurant, we loosened our belts and chewed the fat - figuratively, and literally for those that had the steak. One of us described his dream of a Lazy-Boy Diner where every seat at every table was a recliner: after a satisfying meal, you could just kick back and do what comes naturally. We all loved the idea. But we quickly realized that it would never happen because prices at a Lazy-Boy Diner would have to be exorbitant to compensate for the lack of table turnover.

Mike McLaughlin