Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I just can't believe my eyes ...

Darwin (l) and Jay Bear (r) eye each other carefully at Fidos For Freedom
My goodness, this old internet hangout is a bit dusty. It smells pretty bad in here too. Lots of moldering ideas, dangling participles and a few toxic typos are still hiding in the corners.

It's been almost 30 months since I visited this silly corner of my mind. I used to call it my "blogging" room when I first built it in 2005. You know, it was one of those virtual rooms we all have to store unexamined ideas or projects that we haven't quite finished polishing but promise ourselves that we will finish some day.

The Laurel Connections Blog was someplace where I always enjoyed playing.   On these pages, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, aka SWMBO, became my worthy foil and transformed my long-suffering wife, Joanne, into a neighborhood celebrity in her own mind.  Some of you still call her SWMBO. It's gone to her head.

Together, with these megabits from Al Gore's internet, we discussed Laurel's elections, elected officials, minor events, major tragedies and the never-ending stream of local comedies.

Lots of things have changed since I last stopped in here for a visit with you.  We lost good friends.  We made new friends.  SWMBO retired.  I retired.  SWMBO made me get another job and out of her house during the day.   The world changed but Laurel and this great neighborhood we call Oldtown has survived just fine without me.

But this old place was a pleasant way for me to spend a few minutes laughing or questioning.  A place to share a few ideas.   So I've decided to open it back up once in awhile.  Air it out, fix the lights and post when I have a thought worthy of sharing.

I've missed you guys!  So what's new with you?  Please use the comments section below.


Gayle Snyder said...

My, my, my. I remember the heat of this blog. The venting, the humor, but always the facts and great comments from SWMBO's other (certainly, not better) half. Glad to see you are back. And just in time for elections. Can't wait to read your wise words! #fanofSWMBO#Ivelearnedalotfromher!

Rick Wilson said...

Madame Councilwoman, Benevolent Protector of Delaware, Servant of Master Fred (Belly Dancer), Grandmother of Olympian Kyle, How Are You? So good of you to stop by this old haunt. I hope you and yours are well. We sure miss you in Laurel.

Bob Bain said...

It is good to see that you can still get away from the daily grind, and I don't mean SWMBO, in order to do a mind dump to the rest of us. Good to hear you back.

Rick Wilson said...

Thanks Bob. It's nice to be back.