Thursday, January 04, 2007

Boat Shoes, No Socks

Did you get outside Thursday? Unbelievable. Welcome to far North Miami.

I love global warming. Laurel will have waterfront property as soon as the ice caps melt. Anne Arundel County will be called the Annapolis shallows.

[Note to Public Works Director Ted Dulaney: Quick, sell all the road salt, we'll need to buy a used beach sweeper.]

Joanne has been nagging me about having a sailboat drydocked in our back yard for the last 20 years. It turns out I'm not eccentric, I was just getting ready to be Laurel's first harbormaster.

Mayor, do I need a building permit for a dock? Do PODS float?

Pina Colada's are half price at Captain Oliver's Main Street Marina tonight. Wear your boat shoes, no socks please.

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Anonymous said...

"I was just getting ready to be Laurel's first harbormaster..."

It wasn't that long ago we could NIML (Not in my lifetime) all talk of global warming. Some politicians still do, ignoring the obvious. They think that by the time the globe warms up to effect life on earth, all of us will be on our way to becoming fossil fuel ourselves anyway, recycled back into this glorious carbon-based economy.

Tell that to the polar bears.

Mike McLaughlin