Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Train Runs Through It.

Click on the picture and look closely. Check out the Just Up The Pike Blog for the story.


thecourtyard said...

I spoke to former State Sen. Giannetti, who proposed the Green Line extension, last spring. He insisted there was "no feasible way" it could go to Laurel - the existing CSX tracks were already crowded, putting it under Route 1 would be too disruptive, and besides, Laurel already had MARC service. (And, of course, much more money's to be made if the Metro runs through the currently-empty Konterra site.)

You can see why he wasn't re-elected.

Rick Wilson said...

The Konterra station makes sense. It allows parking and transit oriented development very close to I95. Laurel will certainly benefit from the proximity. I don't think John Giannetti's position on the Metro alignment caused his defeat.

ye olde democrat said...

A Metro through or near Laurel is a future necessity. Integrating a public transit system including the Marc Line, Metro and "local" buses is imperative. It will help growth, reduce our reliance upon cars and stabilize the traffic situation, as well as help mitigate pollution. New York City was lucky because it developed the subways, etc., BEFORE automobiles abounded.

And John Giannetti did not loose-he was kicked out by the “Green Team” which would not talk to him after he was elected initially. Although a loss for Laurel, Moe’s reelection loss was quite ironic. “Poetic Justice” perhaps.

Garold Stone said...


Thanks for your comment on my article on my SouthLaurel.blogspot.com about the crevasse left by work crews on Muirkirk Road http://tinyurl.com/yhff22

Sorry to hear your truck was a victim.

Your blog inspired me to create a menu section for South Laurel Related Blogs in my sidebar menu with Laurel Connections as the first entry, and then i added JustUpThePike.blogspot.com
which has been commenting on Laurel development.

Garold Stone

Rick Wilson said...

Thanks Garold.

km352 said...

Don't know who came up with the Greenbelt to Konterra to "East Columbia" to Ft. Meade to Odenton to Dorsey to BWI, but if you take two minutes to look at a map you'll see that it's a ridiculously winding path. Considering the current terminus in Greenbelt/Beltsville and the proximity to I-95, Route 1 and the B/W Parkway, following the CSX tracks is the obvious way to go. Plenty of room beside the tracks most of the way.

Wait till you see the mixed-use megaplex at the Laurel Metrorail station!