Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cool Idea - Silver Spring Restaurant Week

There was great interest in our Laurel Connections Blog's restaurant survey from all over the area. A number of new readers are finding our little blog every day by doing Google searches like "Mango Grill Hours." It is really surprising how many people have found the blog. What is more surprising is how many people come to Laurel to eat.

This morning I read in the Silver Spring Singular blog about a cool idea called Restaurant Week. The week of dining is sponsored by the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, the Silver Spring Regional Center and The Washington Post.

Maybe it is time for a Taste of Laurel Restaurant Week. Laurel Chamber of Commerce, Laurel City Council, Laurel Leader, what do you think? It would be fun and besides, Joanne said its my turn to cook next year.

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Anonymous said...

I went Salt lake City in Sept. They were doing this restaurant week thing. Each Resturant that was participating had a card/flyer that they had at each table in the resturant. It told you all the resturant that were participating and what their special for the week was. I am sure that Walt Townsend at the BWCC would be a great contact to jump start this idea!! karen Schembari