Friday, February 09, 2007

He's Doing Something About the Weather

He knows the difference between an isobar and a Manitoba Clipper. He reads weather simulations and models the same way most of us read the newspaper.

He also writes an amazing blog about our local weather called The Mid-Atlantic Observation. But the most interesting thing about William M., the accomplished author, is that he is a high school freshman from Montgomery County.

Here is an excerpt from William's latest article. Ted Dulaney and Laurel's Public Works crew need to be ready. William is predicting a big snow event for next week.

"Currently, the Canadian model has this storm coming from the gulf, across the southeast states and off the North Carolina coast. Models are suggesting excessive amounts of snow. Right now, the models have the DC metro area being the bull’s eye which is very scary 5 days out. Amounts could be in the 1-2 foot range in what could be a paralyzing snowstorm for the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. The main fear I have of not getting the storm is that the storm track currently modeled changes and gets suppressed due to the push of the arctic high being so strong that it keeps the main bulk of precipitation to the south."

Local TV weathercasters should be worried. This budding meteorologist is a fast rising star.

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Tom D. said...

Hmmmm.... I'd have rather had the 1-2 feet instead of this ice.

Where did Wonder WeatherBoy go wrong? Canadian Model?