Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Laurel At The Movies - UPDATE

Thanks for all the kind comments on the recent audio podcast. It isn't me, Bob Bain is just a great interview. Click to listen to the BOB BAIN MOVIE PODCAST.

Kubrick's 2001 is a hot topic on the comments page.

We've also had a number of interesting stories as a result of our movie survey. See LAUREL AT THE MOVIES SURVEY

Here are the first stories posted:

  1. Going on my first date with a young lady and having the entire theater to ourselves... It was a Harrison Ford/Tom Clancy movie and it was at the old Laurel Lakes movie theater which I'm pretty sure now resides next to the washers and dryers at the Lowes... Fav Movie: Hudson Hawk
  2. Going to see Narnia on Christmas. We pre-ordered our tickets a few days before and went at the last minute to see the movie and got great seats. We also like that theatre because boston market is next door. We buy tickets then go eat. Movies are more fun when the kids are well fed!!
  3. Least favorite is MUVICO. Parking is horrendous and frequently kids are not behaved. This is important to remember as we deploy our new Laurel Mall to ensure it is safe, enjoyable and customer friendly.
  4. When I was 18 and my younger sister was 12 or 13, she wanted to go see "The Exorcist", which had just came out. I had misgivings, but agreed to take her. She spent virtually the whole movie at the top of the aisle, peeking through the doors into the amphitheater to watch. She refused to return to her seat because she was too scared, but did not want to leave, either.
  5. The balcony at the Laurel Theater when it was on Main Street. Favorite Movie Experience - Laurel High School Girls seeing Elvis Blue Hawaii Favorite Movie - Longest Day
  6. Watching "It's a mad,mad,mad, mad world" at Route 202 drive-in. African Queen.
  7. The first movie I saw in living color, especially the musicals. Favorite movie: Roman Holiday

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