Monday, March 20, 2006

City Election Results

TURNOUT - 827 voters out of 11,600 registered or 7.1%

Craig Moe 686

*At - Large*
Holland 309
Leszcz 466

*Ward 1*
Levin 388
Robison 493
Snyder 445

*Ward 2*
Sarich 521
Smalls 483
Whitley 291

*Mayor Salary to $20,000*
Yes 558
No 111

*Council Salary to $7,500*
Yes 578
No 188

Rick Wilson


Anonymous said...


In the event that our constituents would like to continue to access the information on each the candidates, your homepage,, no longer contains Mike Sarich's link to his personal informational tidbits.

In order to access this information one must click Monday, March 20, 2006 located to the right of "posted by Rick Wilson at " located at the VERY end of " City Election Results".

Only after clicking the above link, can we actually view Sarich's information. Kindly please put his link back to the front page - OR - , maybe, eliminate ALL the candidates from the front page.

Rick Wilson said...


Hold on to your conspiracy theory horses there Anon. Not everything is as evil as you might want to believe.

The Blogging site I use rolls the older posts into the archives. Just click on the right side archives list and you will find every post. If you would've stopped, looked and listened before you leapt at my evil throat, you would have seen that Jan Robison's interview rolled off a couple of posts ago. No slight is intended to anyone. It is just a software feature to keep the home page loading quickly.

Patience and Charity are the most difficult virtues for me too. Thanks for reading.