Friday, March 17, 2006

Mike Leszcz - Candidate for At -Large

1. Who are you?

Mike Leszcz, incumbent Councilman At-Large. My wife and I have lived in Laurel since 1972, raising our children on Prince George Street where her family has resided since 1933. I began my service to the residents of Laurel in the 1970's when I was asked by the Mayor to serve on the City of Laurel Planning Commission, where I served as a Commissioner until I was elected to the City Council in 1996. I've also served our community on school and charitable organizations, and other boards and committees in the city as well as with the county and state. I've been married for 36-years to my wonderful wife Mary Eileen. Our daughters call Laurel and Savage home, although our son is drawn to the water, so he resides in Edgewater.

2. Why do you want the job of Laurel council member at this time?

I have had the honor of serving the citizens of Laurel for 5-terms on the City Council and wish to continue to work for the residents of our community.

3. What are the three most important things you want to accomplish if (re)elected?

Continued emphasis on: (1) an improved fiscal position of the City’s Pension Plans for our City staff; (2) efforts with County, State and Federal officials to implement improvements to existing road and transportation systems to minimize and mitigate the effects of externally-generated pass-through traffic flow: and (3) economic development/redevelopment that provides a balance of retail, office and residential opportunities for our residents.

4. What is your vision for Laurel ten years from today?

A place where all residents realize it is not just living somewhere, it is living somewhere special, Laurel.


Anonymous said...

You said in the Laurel Leader that many people consider you arrogant or at least accuse you of being arrogant. You seem to think that this is an unfair criticism. Why?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

It sounds like you are attempting to lock horns with candidate Leszcz on his personality, and not his record. I believe that it is candidate Leszcz's opponent, candidate Holland, who has accused candidate Leszcz of being arrogant. I have discussed issues with all the incumbents and some of the challengers and have not found any of them to be other than open and willing to discuss all issues. On election day, I will put personalities aside and vote for those incumbents that have made substantial progress in improving our city and making it safer and a more pleasant place to live; candidates Leszcz, Smalls, Robison and Snyder. I will also vote for the one opponent that recognized those accomplishments at the candidates forum, candidate Whitley. I look for honesty and appreciate elected officials that truly represent all of the city residents, and measure the input of advocacy groups in the same place during their deliberations. See you at the polls!