Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Frederick Smalls - Candidate for Ward II

1. Who are you?

Frederick Smalls incumbent Ward II. My family and I have lived in Laurel since 1986. I began my service to the residents of Laurel in the early 90's as a member of the Belle Ami Condominium Association Board of Directors' serving 6-years as president. During that same period I also served as PTA president at Scotchtown Hills ES, and coached boys basketball and baseball with the Laurel Boys and Girls club. I've served on several boards and committees in the city as well as with the county. I've been married for nearly 20-years with 3 of my 5 daughters calling Laurel their home.

2. Why do you want the job of Laurel council member at this time?

I have served 2-terms on the City Council and wish to continue my service to the residents of our community.

3. What are the three most important things you want to accomplish if (re)elected?

Continued improvements to the employee benefits plan particularly focusing on our retirees; work to improve traffic flow in and around the City; work for more balanced growth in the City while preserving the City's heritage.

4. What is your vision for Laurel ten years from today?

A City that has a sense of place. Having achieved a balance between a thriving medium sized municipality while preserving the "hometown" feel that drew many of us to the City.


Anonymous said...

One of the major issues in the region is affordable housing. Why are we concentrating all of our energies in this campaign on Main Street when there are teachers, police and nurses unable to afford to live in the community they serve?
Didn’t the proposed Bazzuto development include apartment housing with an eye towards teachers in particular?

Anonymous said...

I am very glad you are running for re-election. Thanks for all your hard work. You have my vote again!