Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gayle Snyder - Candidate for Ward I

1. Who are you?

Gayle Snyder, Ward I incumbent. My family has lived in Laurel for almost 100 years. I went to Laurel schools and now live in the house on Prince George Street where I grew up. I am an Executive Assistant at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory where I have been employed for 28 years. I have served as the Chairman of the Historic District Commission, Chairman of the Laurel Civic Improvement Committee, serve on the Laurel Tree Board, member of the Maryland Municipal League, Laurel Historical Society, Laurel Board of Trade, and the First United Methodist Church. I am married to the Laurel Postmaster and have 2 sons.
2. Why do you want the job of Laurel council member at this time?

After serving my first term, I want to use the experience, knowledge, and contacts I have gained to continue my service to Laurel residents. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in the challenges facing Laurel residents and businesses.

3. What are the three most important things you want to accomplish if re-elected?

I want to continue the work I have been doing on all the employees' retirement plans and benefits, not focusing on just one group. I believe that all our city employees are essential to making our city run so efficiently; much has been mentioned about our Police Department. What about our Public Works? I am proud to live in the Historic District. I want to make sure our heritage remains one of our greatest assets.

4. What is your vision for Laurel ten years from today?

I want it to be a safe beautiful thriving city with a lovely Main Street, a busy Mall, beautiful parks. Laurel will be THE place people will want to raise their families, do business, and spend their leisure time.

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Anonymous said...

You will once again have my vote!